Jessenia Hernandez

I just thought I needed to take a moment to thank you! Each and every one of you have been so kind friendly helpful professional and carrying! I'm so pleased to have been referred to you. I will certainly recommend you highly. Thanks for making me feel better.
Marco A. Ochoa

"Quiero agradecer la atención y profesionalidad recibida de todas las personas que conforman a Laredo Spine Medical Center. Estoy muy complacido de ver la manera en como se dio mi recuperacion, hasta quedar perfectamente bien del problema con el que llegue. En lo personal lo recomiendo y quedo completamente satisfecho por el excelente trato de parte del Dr y sus asistentes... Saludos....."
Cynthia Martinez

"I can say that this place is Great! I am a student, and I've been working with the staff members from Laredo Spine Medical Center. They are very professional workers, and they treat patients very good. Also, Dr. Mecham is a very Nice person and I've seen results from a lot of patients already relived. I've been there every day at the time they open the Center until they closed. I had learned a lot of things from the staff members and Dr. Mecham. Thank you!"
Isabel Alejandra

"Thanks to the Dr. and staff I really liked how I was treated. Every one is very professional and outgoing. Great Job!"
Trae Rendon

"I wanted to thank the Laredo Spine Medical Center. They did a good job in taking care of me the times I was going to get treatment the girls there are very respectful and kind and always happy can't forget the doctor he's a cool person. Loves his job and take care of his patients. Thank you for fixing my back."
Ale de Ochoa

"Todo excelente la atención, muy buena lo recomiendo ampliamente por que en lo personal iba muy mal y con la ayuda del doctor, y las muchachas que dan la terapia gracias a Dios estoy muy bien."